Ocean Sanctuaries’ Dive Against Debris: Cleaning Up Oceans, One Dive at a Time

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Marine Debris No More: Ocean Sanctuaries’ Dive Against Debris and Its Impact on Ocean Health

Targeted Clean-Up Efforts to Reduce Marine Pollution and Promote Healthier Ecosystems

San Diego, CA – May 21, 2024 (USANews.com) – Ocean Sanctuaries, a non-profit organization dedicated to marine conservation, today highlighted the success of its “Dive Against Debris” initiative, a targeted clean-up effort that has significantly reduced marine pollution and enhanced the health of ocean ecosystems. Through these dives, volunteers and marine biologists work together to remove debris from coastal waters, directly improving habitat quality and marine life health.

Marine debris is a pervasive problem that affects not only marine life but also the health of our entire planet,” said Michael Bear, Co-founder of Ocean Sanctuaries. “Through our ‘Dive Against Debris’ events, we’ve mobilized community members to take action, leading to measurable improvements in the areas we’ve targeted.

Highlights of the “Dive Against Debris” initiative include:

– Removal of over 5,000 pounds of underwater debris.
– Engagement of over 300 divers and marine conservation volunteers.
– Restoration of several key habitats, improving conditions for marine species.
– Data collection to support further research on marine pollution.

These clean-up dives are more than just removing trash; they’re about educating participants and the broader public on the impact of human activities on our oceans,” said Barbara Lloyd, Co-founder of Ocean Sanctuaries. “The data we collect also contributes to global efforts to understand and mitigate marine debris.

About Ocean Sanctuaries
Ocean Sanctuaries is a San Diego-based non-profit organization focused on marine conservation through citizen science, education, and outreach. Founded in 2014 by marine conservationists Barbara Lloyd and Michael Bear, the organization aims to involve the community in meaningful scientific research and conservation efforts. Ocean Sanctuaries’ initiatives, such as the “Dive Against Debris,” demonstrate the powerful impact of combining community action with scientific research to tackle environmental challenges and promote the health of ocean ecosystems.

To support Ocean Sanctuaries and contribute to its ongoing and future projects, donations can be made through their website or by clicking here. Every contribution helps in advancing marine conservation efforts and supporting the vital work of citizen scientists.

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